5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Headshot

In this electronic world, your thumbnail picture is often the face you present to the world. Whether it’s on your Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn or a company page; that little picture is what will stick in people’s minds when they see your online self. If you’re trying to grow your company or get a job this means that picture is even more important. It’s how you will stick in people’s minds when they’re deciding between you and other applicants or businesses.

Why You Need A Professional Headshot

If the last time you got a professionally done photo was picture day in school, consider the advantages of getting a professional headshot.


1. It’s not that hard to do

You can do a lot or a little when it comes to shooting your headshots. You can hire a stylist if you’re concerned about what to wear in the picture. Similarly you can hire hair and makeup artists to take your appearance to the next level. Or you can keep it simple and focus on getting a great photographer.

Companies like NYC Headshot have an attractive website featuring tons of their previous clients’ photos. When you hire with them you’ll get to see portfolios of their previous clients and get ideas for what you’d like to do.


2. You’ll avoid in person confusion

You see yourself every day. You’re aware of the 20 pounds you lost, and the 10 inches of hair you chopped off, but if you’re meeting a client or prospective employer for the first time they won’t know that if your picture shows the “old” you.

Melinda Emerson, aka SmallBizLady says, “The most important reason to update your brand photos is to make sure people recognize you when they meet you in person.” Don’t start a meet up on the wrong foot by making it appear you’re out of touch with your online presence. Updating your headshots after major style changes will keep things current and much less confusing.


3. You’ll make a great digital first impression

We’ve all had that moment where we need to attach a picture to a new profile and we dive into our devices for the last time a picture was taken.

Maybe it was a day at the beach or a night on the town, in either of these situations you probably weren’t wearing business professional attire and the person taking the photo wasn’t a trained photographer.

Think it’s good enough? Claire Boyles, a start-up marketing and business consultant begs to differ, “it’ll look home-made.  It’ll look unprofessional, and it’ll make you look cheap.” Your photo is your first impression. Why make one that’s good enough when you can make one that’s truly impressive?


4. You’ll show you take yourself seriously

Which will let your business peers know they should take you seriously too. If you’re thinking professional photos are not worth the investment, consider that they may get your foot in the door to getting a better job. Professional photographer Emilie Bourdages notes, “your profile picture should reflect your attention to detail and professionalism.” If your photo is grainy or sloppy in nature an employer or client just may assume your work will be that way too.


5. You’ll be prepared for success

A professional headshot is planning for your future. If you are approached for a feature, an interview or an article and asked for a picture to attach wouldn’t it be great to have one ready that you already know looks great?

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